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Tired of the same old routine?

Whether you’re living in Bangkok and looking to shake up your fitness programme or visiting for a few weeks holiday, why not let Bangkok Fight House take your fitness to an entirely different level? Sean and his team provide personal instruction in Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Boxing. Whether your goal is weight loss, increased cardiovascular activity or just more confidence, a workout with Bangkok Fight House will leave you empowered and with a smile on your (sweaty!) face.

Full-body workout

During your training session, you will learn the basic essentials of co-ordination, body mechanics, stretching and how to avoid injury, before discovering the easy-to- learn six main punching strikes, key footwork and basic techniques of four-directional movement. Sessions can be customised to include self-defence, which has proved especially popular with women. As you enjoy a full-body workout suitable for your age, fitness and ability, you will also gain an insight into the rituals and meditative aspects of the martial arts. Martial arts training can be a life-changing experience and offers significant release from stress. It is highly-empowering for people from all walks of life and no prior experience of martial arts is required.

Public class size is limited to 10

Due to the popularity of MMA and Muay Thai in Thailand, there are many gyms in Bangkok that advertise training. Bangkok Fight House stands out not just because of the quality of instruction but because its maximum public class size is limited to 10. This small size ensures you will receive a high quality of training and individual attention. One-to- one personal sessions are also available either on site or in the privacy of your own home or hotel.

Our Team

BANGKOK FIGHT HOUSE has recruited the best trainers from around the world to its gym. In order to make you a successful fighter or just to get you in the most fit shape you've ever been, we ensure our instructors have the right knowledge and experience to work one-on-one with our students to achieve their personal goals.

Our House


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Sean and the team not just teach Muay Thai, after the sessions he introdoces us to the culture of Thailand, he has been living here for over 10 years

Miguel, Software Engineer

As a complete newbie to Muay Thai, I feel incredibly lucky to have trained with Sean. His passion for the sport combined with his attention to detail means I have learned correct movements from the beginning. Sean tailors every session to the client so, if you're fit, expect some gruelling sessions! But his humour and enthusiasm will inspire you to dig deep and before you know it, you'll be hooked! Bangkok Fight House also offers excellent jiu jitsu training and if you get the chance to roll with Pablo, grab the opportunity. His patience and enthusiasm are limitless (they needed to be!). For females, besides being unbelievably fun, the hardcore workouts at SFH could prove invaluable from a self defense perspective. If you're in Bangkok for a holiday and fancy something different, you should definitely book some sessions with Sean and his team.

Sam, IT Consultant


BANGKOK FIGHT HOUSE has successfully trained people from all over the world. People from different cultures and vastly different backgrounds have all enjoyed their time with us.